Avoiding PCB Obsolescence over the Product Lifecycle

12:30 - 13:10

In a time where component constraints and shortages can impact the ability to manufacture a product on time, using supply chain expertise early within the design phase is crucial for success. As a design-through-manufacture partner, Plexus will bring insight into how to service the product across its entire life cycle. It will demonstrate that it is essential to incorporate supply chain expertise into the early design stages in order to create a smooth and efficient transition from design through to end market use.

The delegates will learn about the process of bringing a PCB to life with the product’s supply chain in mind, specifically walking through the following processes:

  1. Design and supply chain collaboration mechanisms and CAD tools
  2. Sectors that rely on long life-cycle PCB designs
  3. What are a component’s life-cycle stages
  4. Supply chain tools for proactively tracking and managing obsolescence
  5. Cost savings of avoiding last time buys of components, PCB life-cycle costs

Hugh Macdonald, Staff Engineer – Digital, Plexus

Nigel Rodger, Director of Digital Sourcing in EMEA, Plexus